Brazilian Model Breastfeeds a Calf and Exposes Herself to the Animal Kingdom on Instagram

Well, this is just all kinds of weird. Brazilian model/DJ Sabrina Almeida used her Instagram to capture photos of her attempting to give some mother’s milk to a young calf. Told you it was weird.

Sabrina has a large Instagram following of 17,000 and not surprisingly some people were a little disturbed by the whole ordeal. While some voiced their opinions with comments like “f**king disgusting” others had a totally different opinion of “very tasty.” Any guess to which gender was pro and which was con?

Sabrina Boing Boing  instagram

Sabrina Boing Boing  instagram

Sabrina Boing Boing  instagram

Sabrina Boing Boing  instagram

Sabrina Boing Boing  instagram

Perhaps the best comment came from Sabrina herself who tagged the photo with “Teste feito com mamiferos, ate agora todos querem mamaaaaa rs.” Loosely translated to “Testing done with mammals, so far everyone wants suck lol.” Oh Sabrina, you weird, weird woman. Keep your tits in your shirt around the animals please.

Sabrina Boing Boing  instagram

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Sabrina Boing Boing  instagram

And if the photos of Sabrina getting up close and personal with a calf weren’t strange enough, she’s also got a penchant for exposing herself to iguanas, snakes and ostriches. The woman is a regular Jack Hanna.

sabrina boing boing

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sabrina boing boing

sabrina boing boing

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