Mr. T Now Has a YouTube Channel and We Pity the Fools Not Watching

Hey sucka! Are you subscribed to Mr. T’s YouTube channel yet? No? Then you’re just asking for a face full of knuckles.

Yes, America’s favorite mohawk sportin’, gold chain wearin’, no fool pityin’ giant has launched his own YouTube channel. The channel features Mr. T doing what he does best, okay second best to clobbering bad guys – he’s dishing out advice. Celebrities love to spill the wisdom on the masses and Mr. T has joined the ranks.

You could take advice from or Miley Cyrus or Jessica Simpson, but do either one of them have bazooka experience? No. Case closed.

mr T is here for the lonely ladies

We pity the fools who don't share this!

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And in case you were on the fence about following Mr. T on Twitter, the guy does pump out the occasional gold tweet, chock full of Mr. T slang.

Mr. T – Treat Your Mother Right

If you didn't get Mom anything, send her this classic video of Mr. T rapping about how you gotta be nice to the lady who carried you in her belly.

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Yes, this is a video of Mr. T shelling out himself for a cheap rotisserie oven and it’s hilarious. Does the guy have to kick down a door everytime he enters a room?

Epic Rap Battles of History: Mr. T vs. Mr. Rogers

This might just be the most epic rap battle yet. One runs with the A-Team and eats fools for breakfast while sporting more bling than any rapper in the game. The other lives in the world of make-believe and racks up Emmys left and right.

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We pity the fools who don't share this!

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