WTF! 20 Photos Guaranteed to Make Your Skin Crawl

Some people are afraid of clowns, murderers, or even being robbed. Still, despite our vast fear-related differences, I think we can all unite behind one horrifying fear: creepy-crawlies. Now, I know that sounds childish, after all, scientists don’t go around proclaiming they study “creepy crawlies,” but you get the gist: bugs that have lots of legs. Or they’re in balls. Or there’s just a lot of them swarming about. Don’t get me wrong, I hate all bugs, but ants just don’t instill fear in me like a spider, no matter the number. Anyway, here’s 20 pictures of creepy-crawlies guaranteed to make your skin crawl.

Oh Great, Just Two of the Worst Things Ever.

Screen Shot 2013-03-19 at 4.57.05 PM


Just a Mom and Her Family. 



Spiders: Awful. Baby Spiders: Please Kill Me Now. 



I Would Rather It Rain Cats and Dogs. Even Angry Pitbulls and Leopards.


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Imagine Tripping Into This. 





Horrible WTF Tattoo Fail of the Day Goes to…

Nothing says true love and 100% lack of intelligence at the same time like a face tattoo of your lover's name.

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Dude, Put That Down. Put That Down, NOW!



I’m Actually Crying. I Want to Go Home. Mom?



Not Sure Which is More Horrifying: Brown or Black Spiders. 


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See, Bugs are Weird, the Smaller the Scarier.  Nothing Else is Like That. 



Burn the House Down.



I Quit Using this Website. 



Welp, I’m Actually Crying Now. 



I Don’t Even Want to Know.


The 20 Most WTF Photos from Asia

This is volume 1, but it's safe to say there will probably be multiple volumes to follow. Asia, what is going on over there?

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I Don’t Even Want to Understand This. Stop. No. God. No. No. This is Fake.




No Big Deal, I Don’t Need Money for Anything.




Guess I’m Never Walking that Way for the Next Decade.




Car for Sale: Free, You Pick Up. 


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I Just Threw Up. Why is this Real?


Yo Dog, I Heard You Like Spiders, WHO TOLD YOU THAT?!?!?



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