10 Kids Who Suck at Writing Apology Notes

These kids haven’t really grasped the concept of remorse just yet. In fact, we don’t think they’re sorry at all!

hahaha apology note

So not only does Ty kick you, but he points out that embarrassing time when Layla took a dump on your carpet? Time to find a new friend, Jase.

cookie apology note

Maybe your cookies just taste like dirt?

illegal apology note

What kind of shady activity is this kid up to when he’s the committing felonies???

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kid apology notes

Friends don’t smack friends in the privates.

kid apology notes

Hallmark should really think about rolling out a line of “Sorry for saying ‘suck my balls’ greeting cards.”

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kid apology notes

From this day forth, no more jackets in the toilet!

kid apology notes

I’m not sure if a crappy note makes up for pissing on somebody.

kid apology notes

Gotta give it to Zac. He does seem truly sorry for the nut pinching incident, and good foresight on realizing that a band-aid could hinder healthy bladder relief.

kid apology notes

This kid isn’t sorry for anything! In fact, this note seems like he might be a full blown psycho. Run, parents, run for your lives!

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