20 WTF Perfectly Timed Photos You Can’t Unsee

wtf timing cover

A perfectly timed photo can capture a beautiful sunset or shooting star. These photos capture people getting kicked in the nads. Alright, not all the photos are on the fail side of the camera lens, but all of them can be summed up with three letters “wtf!” Prepare your eyes, you can’t unsee this kind of weirdness…


Never have I seen such commitment to photobombing as this woman’s.


Yes, penguins have rocket propelled sh*t. You won’t learn that on Discovery Channel.


He wanted soda. He got soda. To the faaaaaaaaace!!!!

20 Weird and WTF Photos the Internet Can’t Explain

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Not sure what exactly is going on here, but $100 says that alcohol was involved.


The asteroid that killed off the dinosaurs had less impact than this.

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A painful bee sting is the price you’ve got to pay for a photo as awesome as this.


“Pleased to meet you, concrete.”

butt soccer

Go to play a soccer game and leave with a free colonoscopy. Didn’t see that coming.


This precisely why Roger Federer is the face of Gillette and not this guy.


Go ahead and insert your own “hole in one” joke for this one.

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hulk has sex with ultimate warrior

The Ultimate Warrior just found out the true meaning of “Hulkamania.”


There are so many things kids suck at, and dog walking is one of them.


Besides the fact that this girl is totally alright with hot dogs being randomly thrown at her face, look at those ears. Damn!


Why waste money on a family vacation to Disney World when you’ve got a leaf blower?

Your friends need to see these crazy perfectly timed photos, share this!

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fire smile

Little did Gary know that the right combination of Coors Light, beef jerky and Molly Hatchet was all it took to summon the ancient fire god of Hawkins county.


Only the most distinguished cadets receive the royal groping award.

girl falling over

Probably not the new Facebook profile photo they were hoping for.


Enjoy your new broken camera.

cat and tiger perfect timing

One of these cats will pee on your couch.

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Your friends need to see these crazy perfectly timed photos, share this!

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Via Reddit, Perfectly Timed Photos

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