Get Arrested, Become Meme, Pose for Playboy

Are you familiar with the “Ridiculously Attractive Convict” convict meme yet? Well, you should be as she’s hot and also has a rap sheet – gotta love a bad girl. The hottie mugshot belongs to 27-year-old Meagan Simmons, a former Hooters waitress from Florida who got busted for reckless driving back in 2010.

Ridiculously Attractive Convict

The mugshot didn’t become a meme until just last month when it popped up on Reddit and Quickmeme and now she’s hoping it might get her in the pages of Playboy.

I knew [the picture] was out there, but didn’t know it was big until a journalist called me on Friday. I’m not famous. Everyone knows me here (in her home town). If [Hugh Hefner] himself contacted me, I think that’s a offer I couldn’t refuse.”

Just another example of people using their internet fame to cash in and make dreams a reality. Kudos?

Thankfully, Meagan does seem to be somewhat aware of the seriousness of having an arrest record and its possible implications, especially in regards to her four kids.

I haven’t told them about this, but I’ve just been cautious about taking them to the bus stop.”

Ridiculously Attractive Convict

Ridiculously Attractive Convict

Ridiculously Attractive Convict

And in case you were wondering if Meagan looks good when not in a government issued orange jumpsuit, the answer is “yes.”

Meagan Simmons

Meagan Simmons

Via Huffpost

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