13 Photos of Baby-Shaming: Learning Lessons the Hilarious Way
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13 Photos of Baby-Shaming: Learning Lessons the Hilarious Way

Kids will be kids and babies will be babies. But that doesn’t mean that parents can’t call them out for the crap that they do. In the vein of Dog Shaming comes Baby Shaming, an entertaining glimpse into the world of parenting.

Kid and Blue Marker
The “Smurfs” song was a nice touch, kid.

Girl's Baby Shaming Photo
You can’t let the cute and innocent hair bow fool you.

Church Baby Shaming
We’d all like to shriek during the quietest parts of church, but we practice self control.

Baby Shaming Photo
Seems like the parents’ fault for getting a canvas-colored couch.

Diaper Baby Shaming Picture
She seems happy with herself.

Baby Shaming Fart
Fart happens.

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Girl Pours Glitter on Brother
I think she’s in the right here.

Baby Shaming Picture
This kid has got some comedy chops.

Baby Shaming Photos
Future horror filmmaker right here.

Ketchup Baby Shaping
Sometimes napkins are hard to find.

Baby Shaming Picture
Mom, you’re not allowed to relax.

Baby Shaming Photos
This one’s been busy.

At least her high school senior picture is all set now.

Flushing Baby Shaming
This is an important lesson to learn. No one wants that roommate.

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