The 7 Most Inspiring Commencement Speeches for the Class of 2013

Even if you aren’t a proud member of the graduating class of 2013, you can still be treated to the words of wisdom from the guest speakers at each ceremony.

Stephen Colbert at University of Virginia

Your diploma is not a ticket to show off what you know…it’s permission to admit to yourself how much you still have yet to learn.

The astrophysicist focused on space travel and John F. Kennedy’s “We Choose to Go to The Moon” speech, held at Rice University 50 years ago. By going to the moon Tyson says, “We discovered Earth for the first time”. The EPA, Earth Day, Doctors Without Borders and even more were all established in the years following the publication of the Earthrise photo taken in 1968 during the Apollo 8 mission. He urges the class of 2013 to be exploratory for the sake of discovery and to develop a new perspective, for the betterment of society.

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