Prancercise Fitness Video is The Workout of the Future

“Stop talkin’ and do some walkin’!” Actually, think of it more as gliding your arms and legs while an imaginary unicorn or whatever mystical beast you prefer dances beside you.

Joanna Rohrback of Coral Springs, Florida has unleashed her own trademark workout video and your mom is going to love it. Dubbed “Prancercise” her company Prancercise LLC aims to help those with zero exercising experience get a bikini body by imitating a prancing horse. Because horses have awesome bikini bodies.

Workout FAIL: 20 GIFs of Exercise Mishaps

Summer snuck up on us, and swimsuit season started yesterday. Unfortunately for these "athletes", summer isn't the only thing that snuck up on them—definitely some hospital bills, too.

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If Martin Prince invented a workout routine, this is EXACTLY what it would look like.

And now for the remixes…


Via Miami New Times

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