The 20 Awesomest Wedding Invitations That Require a “Yes” RSVP

It turns out you can judge a wedding by its invitation, making these the coolest nuptials ever.

Borderlands Wedding Invitation
This is what happens when Borderlands fans find each other.

Cool Wedding Invitation
Honesty is appreciated.

Awesome Wedding Invitation
The only word for this wedding invitation is “epic.”

Film Wedding Invitation
Love at first develop.

Video Game Themed Wedding Invitation
Video Game cartridges use their next lives as awesome wedding invitations.

Adorable Wedding Invitation
So that’s how it is.

Pop Culture Wedding Invitation
How many pop culture references can we jam into our wedding invitations, honey?

Movie Wedding Invitation
Hopefully this wedding won’t flop at the box office.

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Science Fiction Wedding Invitation
Oh, cool! This wedding is in 3D!

Awesome Wedding Invitation
He has to keep his beard this way until the wedding.

Star Wars Themed Wedding Invitation
This is what happens when Star Wars nerds find each other.

Awesome Wedding Invitation
Now you’re all caught up!

Awesome Wedding Invitation
The wedding gift is the convenience charge.

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Superman Themed Wedding Invitation
Lex Luthor did not get one of these.

Creative Wedding Invitation
This may be the geekiest wedding invitation ever.

Zombie Wedding Invitation
This would come from Portland.

Pac Man Wedding Invitation
Will they be serving dots?

Scrabble Themed Wedding Decoration
Finding true love is like landing on triple word score.

Flip Flop Wedding Invitation
They’d get bonus points if these were actual, functioning flip flops.

Knot Wedding Invitation
I see what you did there.

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