Youtube Glitch Sets Dislikes to 0, Adds Them to Likes

Apparently, Youtube is having some sort of error where videos are not displaying their dislikes properly. It appears that this error is causing the dislikes to be added to the likes, leading to perfect scores among even the most popular videos, a perfect score that has even more likes, by the number of dislikes the video would normally have! Insanity. A Youtube with no negativity, well that’s just ridiculous. Looks like every video has either had all its dislikes disappear or reset, though on some pages, the dislikes number did show for a bit and then went away.

Justin Bieber is among the most perfectly loved people ever…


Psy is doing just fine in the most popular video of all time. Can you believe that not even one person dislikes it?


Rebecca Black is having the best day of her life.

Yep, that’s right, not even one person dislikes Friday today.

Twitter reactions:

This one’s kind of sad…

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