WATCH: #InstagramVideo What’s The Deal?

Instagram dropped their 4.0 update today on both the Google Play store and the App Store for iOS devices. We got our hands on it and were immediately taken aback at how totally better it is than Vine. Here’s my Instagram embedded so you can give one of the new videos a look (not that mine is anything special!). You should be able to see it by clicking on the image of the clouds against a blue sky. Note: If it’s choppy, it is not because the video is actually choppy, it looks SMOOTH AS BUTTER on my iPhone. This is likely due to some fancy formatting magic that helps load the videos quickly on a mobile device, but maybe isn’t so friendly (yet) to computers.

Ok, so you might be asking, what exactly is new about Instagram compared to Vine. Well, there’s at least three things. This is easiest to understand by watching the video below, but we’ll go through them anyway.

1. Deleting Takes

In a Vine video, you press the image and the application begins to record. If you stop holding down, you can set up a new shot, and begin recording again. Problem: what if your first shot is pure gold, but your second shot is garbage, and you need to retake it? Well, in Vine, you are screwed. Nothing you can do except start the whole thing over. Bummer, ay? Well, in Instagram, you simply click the delete button and can delete the most recent take or takes. So, if you shoot that gold first take, you can take three more, decide they’re not good enough, and wipe them all away. Dope.

2. Filters

Obviously, Instagram hasn’t dealt away with their filters. I’m not overly impressed with their new video filters, but they still can take decent footage and make it better. Something we’d like really like to see hear are some more interesting filters. How about a “inverse” color filter, something that makes reds blues, or even a black-white filter– where a pixel is either black or white with no shades of gray. There are some other cool things Insta could do here as well. How about timed effects? Ok, imagine taking a quick video, maybe three seconds, and it goes from totally blurry to beautiful, crisp focus. Yep, in the cinema buiz that’s known as “rack focus,” and it’s an amazing look. Just a few ideas, Facebook, pretty sure you dudes have the money to make this happen.

3. Motion Stabilization

While boring sounding, this makes a huge difference. Every Vine video looks like it was shot by a crackhead on a rocking boat. I took some panning shots of the NYC skyline and it look amazing. At first, I was blown away by my own amazing talent, but I quickly realized, the wizards over at Instagram headquarters done figured out how to account for factors like: general shakiness, sneezing mid-shot, and being quite drunk. A feature they could add here would be that if you shake the image too much, Insta will not let you submit your video because hey, you’re too drunk to be posting.

Well, that’s it for now. Stay tuned for more updates and feel free to track me down on Instagram @dannyvegasucks.

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