10 Most Popular YouTubers (and Their Most Popular Video)
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10 Most Popular YouTubers (and Their Most Popular Video)


YouTube is almost unfathomably huge. The website receives over 1 billion unique views a month, and over 6 billion hours of video are watched every month– almost an hour for every single human being on the planet. It’s no surprise then that some YouTube users are huge celebrities when you consider that The O’Reilly Factor, a show that is broadcast TWICE daily on Fox News receives around 5 million views a day, meanwhile PewDiePie’s channel recently broke 50 million views in a week, or about twice as many views. So, now that you know how big the numbers can be, here’s an overview of the Top 10 most subscribed to YouTubers, according to this list*, and accompanied by their most popular video.

10. The Fine Bros

Subscribers: 5+ million

Raised as Orthodox Jews, brothers Benny and Rafi Fine (pretty literal, eh?) are online producers and video production company owners who hail from Brooklyn, New York. The bros started hitting major success with their “Kids React” videos, which eventually lead them to produce “Teens React.” Not surprisingly, then, their most popular video below is a combination of this latter series and the most popular YouTube video of all time, Gangnam Style. The twos’ insanely popular reaction-based series may draw comparisons to “Kids Say the Darndest Things,” but the bros say that their primary inspiration was the Youtube trend of reaction videos in general. What stands out about these two relative to other Youtubers is their selflessness; child and teen actors in the videos are usually aspiring for a career. The brothers say that videos aren’t about them, but rather they are about gleaning wisdom and insight from the only generation to be raised on the internet.

Most Popular Video:

9. EpicMealTime

Subscribers: 5+ million

While EpicMealTime is created by a team of several people, we all know the face of the YouTube Channel, Harley Morenstein. Morenstein began earning enough fame and income from the show that he was able to quit his job as a high school teacher. Well, I have to say, as much as I enjoy EpicMealTime, the notion of our future generation being taught by this mad genius is almost as exciting as lasagna made from 45 hamburgers from various fast food chains.
Morenstein and his team are now represented by an agency and have since relocated from their home of Montreal, Canada to California. Morenstein claimed that the show has hurt his waistline, which proves that the food is actually good– having gained 40 pounds initially after it began, but leveling out 15-20 pounds higher. In his reddit AMA, he claimed that hashish influence him to create the program, and that Wendy’s trembles whenever he arrives– even though most of the time he’s just there to order a single baconator.

Most Popular Video:

8. WereverTumorro (Spanish)

Subscribers: 5+ million

Werevertumorro is a comedic Mexican group dedicated to making humorous videoblogs such as “Tips for Not Flirting” and “Ex-Girlfriends.” The group’s frontman, Gabriel Montiel is the main character in all of the videos and rose to be the number 1 Youtube page in Mexico within a year of Werevertumorro’s inception. Although the group started creating largely commercial based videos for Red Bull and Televisa contests, Werertumorro began creating more home-y, Vlog based videos and garnered a great deal of fandom. The name of the group comes from a world adapted into English from Spanish “Where ever” is directly written in spanish at Werever and tu morro has the double meaning of “your buddy” in Spanish as well as the obvious “tomorrow” in english. His videos are best described as silly and fun, a kind of tone anyone can find agreeable.

Most Popular Video:

7. FreddieW

Subscribers: About 6 million

Freddie Wong is a Seattle-born YouTuber described on his Wikipedia as a “filmmaker, musician, VFX technician, and competitive gamer.” His channel features almost exclusively videos related to video games and with a heavy-emphasis on Hollywood-quality visual effects. He owns and manages Overcrank Media, his L.A. based production company which specializes in online productions, but has also produced an independent feature film called Bear. Perhaps his biggest production to date, the movie was released in the UK and featured Brendan Michael Coughlin as a lead, who has starred in Days of Our Lives and Grey’s Anatomy. Wong’s other successes have come from his incredible video game skills. He won first prize in a Guitar Hero 2 competition in Dallas in 2007. Today, you can see Wong all over YouTube on a variety of channels, and you might have even seen his advertisement for Battlefield 3, which he produced for Electronic Arts in 2010. His twitter is largely used for self-promotion, but Wong definitely has some insight that is worth looking into:

Most Popular Video:

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6. HolaSoyGerman (Spanish)

Subscribers: 9+ Million

HolySoyGerman is weekly video blog where German Aklegandro Germandia talks about life and various topics. German, born in Santiago, Chile has a band called “Feeling Every Sunset,” but his Youtube success is based on his highly animated and staccato-edited videos in which he interprets various characters and talks about relatable topics such as Platonic relationships and being the worst boyfriend possible.

Most Popular Video:

5. Nigahiga

Subscribers: 9+ Million

Ryan Higa is a 23-year-old Hawaiian born YouTube celeb who currently resides in Las Vegas. His channel tends to center around pop cultural fads, and broad comedic topics such as dating, internet culture, and socializing at large. Ryan tends to be the star of his videos, but like most YouTube celebs he has collaborated with others in the business. Curiously, Higa has a black belt in Judo. Ryan’s biggest project to date is his feature film Ryan and Sean’s Not So Excellent Adventure. Playing off his experience, the film centers around a movie producer down on his luck who seeks out Ryan based on the success of his YouTube videos. Here’s some his best tweets:

Most Popular Video:


Subscribers: Approaching 10 million

RWJ is an Oklahoma City born YouTube star who was among the first to realize that combining vlogging with viral videos made for tremendous success. His first series was known as Equals Three and used this formula. It continues to this day contributing to RWJ’s massive number of views, almost 2 billion. RWJ is shockingly candid about his success saying that Equals Three is a “generic idea,” and that all he did to gain success was “be himself.” Regardless of his humility, RWJ works a ton, stating that his days are often “9 to 9.” His tweets are among the funniest of the Youtube stars so far:

Most Popular Video:

3. JennaMarbles

Subscribers: 10+ Million

Jenna Marbles, or as she’s known IRL (in real life), Jenna Mourey hits some of the highest highs on our list. While her subscriber count may fall below others, anecdotally speaking, she’s the only person this writer has heard talked about IRL. In any case, the New York Times put it beautifully saying “Her videos are a highly shareable cocktail of comedy, sex appeal, puppies and social commentary, laced with profanity. She skillfully juggles Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube to build a deeply loyal connection with fans who find her eminently easy to relate to.”

While Jenna is undeniably good-looking, her videos feature standard comedic fare such as impressions, jokes, but mostly Jenna stands out with her brilliant insightful perspectives on being a woman in today’s society– as per her most famous video below.

Oh, and she has a strangely hilarious tendency to tweet about Madonna’s (alleged) penis:

Most Popular Video:

2. Pewdiepie

Subscribers: Almost 11 million

Pewdiepie AKA Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg is a Swedish YouTuber who specializes in a little phenomenon known as “Let’s Play.” This highly simple formula has catapulted many to immense success on YouTube and is so stupid, you wouldn’t believe it was entertaining until you saw it with your own eyes: it’s just a person’s face floating in a small screen in the corner, while they play a video game. The games he plays tend to be scary and action-related games, most notably Amnesia, a game that was the talk of the (online) town and considered by many to be the scariest game ever.

He currently lives in the UK and is most notable industry-wise (outside of video) for his promotion of independent video game makers. When Pewdiepie plays a game, its sales tend to be boosted tremendously. He refers to his fans as part of his “bro army.”

Most Popular Video:

1. Smosh

Subscribers: 11+ million

While PewDiePie is the fastest growing single Youtuber, it’s no real surprise that Smosh, a comedic duo, is super massive. This prolific group started in 2002 creating flash videos for Newgrounds. Since, they have created 8 different Youtube channels and have even catered to Spanish speakers. Smosh has essentially become a sort of media empire, even having sold games in the Apple App store and for Android. A quick look at Smosh.com reveals that the two have an essentially buzzfeed-esque site, with massive amounts of original content. Here’s a classic tweet:

Most Popular Video:

*=We were somewhat selective, opting for users rather than corporate entities– Rihanna Vevo might have a ton of subscribers, but it’s not really what YouTube is about in my opinion.


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