Outback Steakhouse Chair Will Hug You For Every Facebook Birthday Wish

As great as a Facebook birthday wish from an old acquaintance is, it doesn’t hold a candle to a real-life birthday greeting. Outback Steakhouse knows this and has developed one of the weirdest promotions to cash-in on your social media birthday wishes – a hugging chair.

The light-up chair has a pair of arms that will wrap around you, hugging you in its mechanical grasp for each birthday wish posted to your Facebook wall. The bizarre idea was developed by Brazilian ad agency Lew’LaraTBWA and connects to the user’s Facebook account. Unfortunately, the chair is only in Brazilian Outback Steakhouses at this time, but if the campaign is a success we’ll hopefully see it spread to the states.

The idea of scarfing down a bloomin’ onion and a few margaritas, then stumbling over to a hugging robot chair sounds like a pretty fun, and completely weird way to spend a birthday.

Via Mashable

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