This is What Lighting 200 Sparklers at Once Looks Like

In the name of science, a couple of YouTubers wanted to see what it would look like to light 200 sparklers at once. Okay, really they just wanted to blow stuff up. Still, it’s a pretty cool experiment if not a dangerous one. Then again, sparklers are the lamest fireworks after snakes so what’s the danger really?

The 20 Worst Fireworks Fails

Fireworks and idiots are a bad combo. At least for the idiots, for everyone else it's pure hilarity. So learn from the mistakes of others by checking out these 20 hysterical fireworks fails. You won't regret it.

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1990s Fireworks PSA Helps Kids Avoid Danger and Fun

Play with fireworks and you'll definitely loose some fingers, but on the plus side, you've now got a catchy new nickname!

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