Watch this Adorable Baby Elephant Splash in a Baby Pool [VIDEO]

The Fort Worth Zoo in Texas has a baby Asian elephant and at 3-weeks-old, it’s already the most adorable thing in the world.

According to the zoo’s Facebook page, the elephant’s name was decided by a vote and the winner was Bluebell, “a wildflower found throughout Texas, the name symbolizes humility and gratitude.” Bluebell is too formal though so the 300-pound baby prefers her nickname, Belle.

Above you can watch the video posted earlier this week of Belle flopping around and splashing in a baby pool.

Giant Honey Mushroom Beats Fungus Found in China: Largest in the World [VIDEO]

A giant mushroom has been found in China's Yunnan province with over 100 caps. Check out the video, though Oregon's giant honey mushroom still takes the cake!

Click here to read more

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