What Does Babymoon Mean?

The Oxford dictionary recently adopted a slew of new words. Babymoon is among them. Here’s a brief overview of the word:

Babymoon has its roots in 1996. Author Sheila Kitzinger wrote a book where she defined the word as a period of time where a father, mother, and baby could spend together without work. Essentially, a honeymoon, but with the baby. Now, regardless of Sheila’s creativity, this definition did not stick. Babymoon eventually came to mean something different, even opposite, of that initial definition. It came to mean the following:

“A trip taken by a couple even before they get pregnant. As long as the trip is intended to be a final romantic fling before venturing into parenthood.”

Now, take whatever came you want, Sheila’s or popular usage, but based on these three uses(1,2,3), you’ll definitely be on the weird side of things if you opt to use the word like Sheila does.

Here’s a picture that shows usage of the word in the re-invented way NOT the original Sheila way:


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