What Does BYOD Mean?

BYOD: Bring Your Own Device

We’re a poor company, you’ll need to bring your laptop to work :)

Ok the subtitle there is a bit of a misnomer: the main incentive of having a BYOD workplace is well, people like it. The upside is that people are using their home computer at work which may mean better performance (offices have older gear), and more accessibility and comfort. The downside, however, can be that letting employees use their devices at work can pose a security risk due to hackers and theft, for instance. In any case, if you’re going to have a party, you ought to make it BYOD (if it’s that kind of thing) as 44% of job seekers found a business more attractive if it supported BYOD policies.

Usage Examples:

• Dude, it’s BYOD day at work so I brought my Wii and got fired.
• I work at a BYOD business called Starbucks where I DJ using my ThinkPad.
• BYOB and BYOD for the lan party, it’s going to be a great time.


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