What is a Chandelier Earring?

Chandelier Earring: A Piece of Ear Jewelry That Hangs Like an Extravagant Light Fixture

Dangly things

Chandelier earrings have been around for longer than the term has, but the idea is simple enough: long earrings that look like chandeliers. Both are heavily correlated with rich people. If you’re looking for some contrast, the opposite of a chandelier earring would be a “stud,” an earring that is small and basically just sits on top of the ear lobe.

Usage Examples:

• My chandelier earrings cost more than my husband’s Bentley.
• Honey, should I wear my chandelier earrings or just a giant clock on a necklace?
• I like to wear chandelier earrings because my husband is a lighting designer and it can lead to sales.

Relevant Picture:

chandelier-earring, define chandelier earring, meaning chandelier earring

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