What Does Fauxhawk Mean?

Fauxhawk: a Hairstyle Such That One Combs One’s Hair to the Middle to Form a Fake Mohawk

You’re probably gonna need a full head of hair for this.

Mohawks are ridiculous and fun, but it’s a bit of a commitment, no? I mean you can’t exactly roll into a desk job Monday morning with the sides of your head shaved, and the rest forming a fin-like hairstyle, straight down the middle. The fauxhawk is the reasonable man’s compromise. Take your hair and sculpt it into a mohawk, but leave the sides untouched– so you can still go to work on Monday.

Usage Examples:

• Chris put his hair into a fauxhawk and was attacked by a very real hawk.
• I like guys with a fauxhawk because they are able to have fun, yet they also show basic hair responsibility.
• Dude, check me out, there’s a faux hawk on my fauxhawk and I’m going to fake spit, I mean faux hawk.


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