What Does Flatform Mean?

Flatform: a Shoe That’s Elevated Like a High Heel, but is Elevated Equally Throughout

Be tall and in less pain.

If you’ve ever worn heels, and as a straight male, I have once, they are surprisingly painful. Of course, experienced heel-wearers can handle the pain and strain better than me (long story short: I dressed in drag for a night), but the bottom line is: heels suck. Thus, the flatform was born. You get all the perk of high heels without the tension. Now, they do look kind of goofy, but it’s a small price to pay for that precious height and comfort.

Usage Examples:

• Sheila wears flatforms now rendering her comfortable and hot.
• I beat a man to death using my wife’s 6″ flatforms.
• The girl’s father bought her flatforms for her Quincenera.

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