3-Year-Old Hangs Off Fourth Story Balcony by Her Head [VIDEO]

Chyou Wang, a three-year-old girl, dangled by her neck from the grill of her parents’ fourth story apartment when fortunately, neighbors heard her cries and contacted firefighter.

The parents of the girl reportedly habitually left her alone, saying that she usually opted to watch TV or sleep while they were gone at work.

She was eventually freed from the terrifying trap after hanging perilously over the city of Guilin in Guangxi Zhuang, China.

Firefighters had to shape the bars while holding on to the girl before freeing her head.

A picture from the province of Guangxi, where the incident occurred.

A picture from the province of Guangxi, where the incident occurred.

While the event was doubtlessly terrifying to the toddler, it is likely that the painful grip of the bars saved her life — without them she would have fallen out the four story window.

Her father, Lian, 44, said, “We are so grateful that it worked out well in the end.”

The parents said they do not intend on leaving her alone any more.

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