‘Premature Evacuation’: Flight Delayed Because Emergency Slide Deployed

alaska airlines, slide


A Redditor’s friend’s Alaska airlines flight was delayed due to the emergency slide being accidentally set off. After the picture was shared, commenters had a field day making puns about the situation.

The best are:

Premature evacuation – DefinitelyRelephant

Ejectile dysfunction – eyeoutthere

But unfortunately there is sad news pertaining to the accident, per americano22:

Somebody probably lost a job. There will be an investigation, for sure. Hopefully nobody got killed!
The slides costs thousands and thousands of dollars to repack. Not only that, but the plane has to be taken out of commission, which will affect future flights for days/weeks.

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  1. Did you research this incident? Do you know where it happened? Did it really happen how they said or was it something. DON”T FUCKING POST REDDIT AS NEWS YOU DUMB MOOKS.

  2. No need to make jokes. Someone’s employment could be at risked. Usually though when this happens, the person involved is sent to remedial training as an assurance to the airline that this will not happen againm

    • People need to chill no one was harmed only a flight was delayed and there are lots of flights delayed for many reasons. You need to be able to take a deep breath and laugh at yourself or else you’ll be taking out all your pent up stress on somebody else. This airline needs to be able to laugh at itself and if it does does not mean it won’t investigate this seriously. You don’t need to fire someone for something that may have been beyond their control allow them to learn from the mistake.

  3. I once had the slide pack fall, but not inflate. One hour delay and we were on our way. Another FA had armed my slide. Did not lose my job,but got a talking to by a superviser.