Subway Shenanigans: 30 Public Transit Troll Pictures

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  1. I hate poor reporting, The woman cutting onions on the subway was part of a social experiment and she was recording peoples reactions to her behavior. its not “odd” behavior on the subway when your doing it intentionally.

    • So, you don’t think people randomly doing social experiments on the subway is odd? What if the poor reporting is an experiment to see what people with nothing better to do comment on?

  2. What kind of shaming campaign is this? Just because a guy dresses a little differently from the mainstream you put up his picture on a news website to shame him for all the world? Well…the shame is on you…

  3. Wow! I went on the subway today and there were , like, all kinds of people I’ve never seen in my condo community, like, where did they come from???

  4. The people sleeping on the subway, not so strange. I see it all the time and the other people are mostly going to party LOL.

  5. The only etiquette suggestion might be for the woman who had lifted her top. The rest make perfect NYC sense to me. Example: guy buys lounger and in NY it’s impossible to get delivery, or very expensive, or both. So he hauls it himself.

  6. The only thing that I learned from this, is that Sam Prince thinks he’s somehow better than the rest of humanity. The only troll involved in this “news item”, besides the man taking “upskirt” photos, is Sam himself. Making fun of mentally ill people (likely in some of these examples) is a mental deficiency, in and of itself.

  7. The worst type of lazy photo journalism one can find on the internet. Some of the pics are so ordinary run of the mill that makes the tag of “Trolls” reflective of the toxic political atmosphere in Washington DC. This kind of reporting is also borderline subject to civil liability in a court of law. Shaming innocent people just to get a paycheck??????

  8. people who think this is particularly remarkable need to get out more. obviously the compiler of this collections of photos hasn’t much of a life.

  9. she actually has proper technique. she seems professional -maybe she is going to cooking school, work or something

  10. Notice how in the pic with the guy lounging the only person that the people think is strange is the guy taking the picture. None of this is new (well, except for the woman baring her breast). And I think taking a picture of a woman who seems to have had bad things happen on her wedding day for amusement is downright wrong and disgusting.

  11. I just don’t know what else to do but laugh at most of them, be sad for a lot of them and be pissed at a few of them. The guy taking pic’s of the girl’s nether parts and the poor scrunched up pooches make me mad as H. The one that gave me the most stomach turns for my money was that big pink arse; fart ready to fire right in the young woman’s face. How could she not see it?! Smell it?! Ewwwww!!!!!

  12. Labelliing the people in some of the photos as trolls says something about the reporter. Sure some are unacceptable, but many just show people who seem exhausted, or trying to get from one place to the next, regardless of how they are dressed. The reporter is prejudiced and it shows.