WATCH: Beluga Whale Scares 2 Little Kids With Bro Moves

beluga whale, kids, mystic, connecticut

This GIF shows exactly what a beluga whale at the Mystic Aquarium in Connecticut thinks of children.

The video with sound is below!

It looks like he’s saying, “Come at me, bro!”

Redditor OffToTrenzalore added:

It looks like Mystic and I’ve experienced the same thing there. There’s one beluga who seems to hate kids. There was a kid laughing and the whale was charging and being very aggressive. The docent got really, really angry when someone suggested the whale was being aggressive.

Watch more funny videos here.

Beluga Whale Mimics Human Voice, Sounds Like Swedish Chef [AUDIO]

Listen to amazing audio of a beluga whale who trained himself to talk like a human.

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  1. I watched the real video and now cannot find it anywhere! This is the best one of the Beluga Whales at Mystic Aquarium. PLEASE FIND THE REAL VIDEO.