Can I Call Santa Claus On the Phone? What’s His Number for 2016?

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Christmas is on its way for 2016 and you may want to call Santa instead of writing to him in order to tell him what you want for the holiday. If you’d like to call Santa Claus and you’re located in the United States, we have all the phone numbers for his North Pole hotline so that you can be connected to the big man himself. Once you call, there will be a hotline operator who will connect you to Santa. Then, Santa will instruct you to leave a message with your Christmas gift requests. Here’s the list of hotline phone numbers below:

Austin (512) 904-7499
Phoenix (602) 792-0010
Atlanta (678) 288-7400
Salem (503) 549-8400
Boston (617) 399-6700
Salt Lake (435) 538-7070
Cleveland (216) 588-0900
San Antonio (210) 881-3200
Colorado Springs (719) 622-7100
San Jose (408) 540-1450
Dallas (214) 615-3000
San Diego (619) 996-5900
Denver (720) 306-2070
Santa Monica (310) 961-5650
Idaho (208) 621-2599
Seattle (206) 934-1414
Las Vegas (702) 507-9100
Tacoma (253) 883-2540
Los Angeles (213) 807-6565
Tucson (520) 300-8800
Maryland (240) 841-2560
Worchester (508) 743-6460
New York (646) 568-4141
West Virginia (304) 816-4434

There is also an app that you can use to get a personalized phone call from Santa this year. Click here to check it out.

Another phone number that connects you directly to Santa Claus is (951) 262-3062. You can contact him and leave him a message with your holiday wishes as well as cheer. What do you want for Christmas?

If you would like to RECEIVE a phone call from the North Pole, you have options when you click here. First, enter your personal phone number. Then click “Santa” or an “Elf” to pick who you’d like to receive a call from. There are then four messages you can pick from and you can read each one before choosing.

For a free phone call from the North Pole, click “Send a Free Call Now”. The call comes almost instantly. Or, you can click Send a Premium Call on the site. When sending a premium call, there are advanced credits and options available to you. Advanced features include a call scheduling and being able to save an audio recording to remember the moment.


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Santa Claus

Dear Santa Claus what is your number I for got it please can you send it to me please.
Love you


Santa for I want a hot pink hoverboard and iPhone 7 and a blue iPod and a purple lava lamp and fake snow and a touch screen computer and a trolls clock and the kick ball toy that makes ice cream and a makeup set and the real cotton candy maker and the wet head toy and the pie face toy and the bean boozled toy and the wobble bubble ball the pink one


लाखवडी भागोर महेसाण1 मोबाइल नबर 9033156285&9898114628


Dear Santa Shamarrie would like a baby doll, toy car, skinny doll, I have been very very good this weekend

Desmond Williams

hi santa I want a gray iphone6s ,nba2k17 xbox one, battlefield 1 xbox one, nascar heat evoulition xbox one, blue catching gear ,hotwheels ai, meccano meccasaur,airhogs starwars millennium falcon xl flying drone,whamo hover hockey , nerf starwars stormtrooper rifle ,and blue & gold under armour stephane curry shoes


Santa what i want for christmas is a iphone6 and a pink hover board lipgloss purfume lotion

migisha viena

hello Santa, all I want for Christmas is a skate board,I phone 6 and rollerblades.

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