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Death Wish Coffee Super Bowl commercial: Intuit Quickbooks chose their contest winner & gave the coffee company a superbowl ad. Watch the Storm’s a-Brewin’ video.

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Alec Baldwin Amazon Echo Super Bowl Commercial 2016: Watch the funny ad with Dan Marino, Missy Elliott & Jason Schwartzman at a superbowl party with the Alexa device.

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Key and Peele star in Squarespace Super Bowl 2016 commercials & are doing livestream commentary during the football game. Watch superbowl ads & funny teasers here.

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David Lee Roth sings & wails for Acura’s Super Bowl 2016 commercial. The ad for the 2017 NSX model features Van Halen’s song ‘Runnin’ With the Devil.’

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Kevin Hart Hyundai Genesis Super Bowl Commercial 2016: Overprotective dad follows his teen daughter on her ‘First Date.’ Watch the funny superbowl ad here.

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Mountain Dew Puppy Monkey Baby: The Kickstart Super Bowl Commercial for 2016 features a dancing puppymonkeybaby. Watch the weird, funny MTN DEW superbowl ad here.

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Jeff Goldblum & Lil Wayne in the Super Bowl commercial. Weezy grills for George Washington. Is it a racist ad with slave imagery? Watch the video here.

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Kia Optima’s Super Bowl 2016 commercial has Christopher Walken playing with sock puppets. Find your pizzazz inside a Walken closet in this funny superbowl ad.

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Amy Schumer & Seth Rogen Bud Light Super Bowl Commercial 2016: Watch the funny beer ad for the Superbowl here also featuring Paul Rudd. But where is Ronda Rousey?

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David Bowie’s ‘Starman’ is used in Audi’s Super Bowl commercial for the R8 model. Watch the 2016 superbowl ad here to see how Bowie’s song is used to tell a retired astronaut’s story.

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Helen Mirren Budweiser Super Bowl Commercial 2016: Dame Helen speaks out against drunk drivers. Watch the superbowl beer ad here & see her ‘simply put’ insults.

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Liam Neeson in the LG OLED TV Super Bowl Commercial with his son Micheal Neeson. Watch the ‘Man From the Future’ ad directed by Ridley Scott’s son Jake here.

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Scott Baio in the Avocados From Mexico 2016 Super Bowl commercial. The ‘Happy Days’ actor is kept in a museum of Earth’s relics by guacamole loving aliens in space.

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Drake stars in the T-Mobile Super Bowl commercial for 2016. He makes some changes to ‘Hotline Bling.’ Watch the funny superbowl ad & the extended cut of ‘Restricted Bling’ here.

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Today is the day, where the Carolina Panthers take on the Denver Broncos to win the NFL Championship and win the title of Super Bowl 2016 champs. Now let’s start drinking.

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