KTVA reporter Charlo Greene of Alaska was doing a report on medical marijuana when she said, “F*ck it” and outed herself as owner of the Alaska Cannabis Club.

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benedict cumberbatch, penguins, bbc, south pacific

Benedict Cumberbatch narrated a BBC documentary called South Pacific (Wild Pacific in the US) where he had a lot of trouble saying the word “penguin.”

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eric bolling, Mariam Al Mansouri, boobs

Kimberly Guilfoyle had just presented a segment about Major Mariam Al Mansouri, who led the UAE’s air strikes against ISIS. Eric Bolling then nicknamed her.

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US Attorney General Eric Holder has announced his resignation from the Obama administration. Here are the memes in response his announcement.

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eric holder, next job, twitter, tweets

US Attorney General Eric Holder is resigning after serving the Obama administration for nearly six years. Twitter began to trend with “Eric Holder’s Next Job.”

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you poked my heart, raining or sprinkling, youtube video

Is it raining or sprinkling? A boy and girl argue about the weather and what their mothers told them, when the girl taps the boy’s chest and he responds adorably.

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iphone 6, iphone 6 plus, apple, bend, commercial

Apple is currently engaged in a scandal known as “Bendgate.” After the bending iPhone problem was exposed in a YouTube video, this fake commercial was made.

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Rosh Hashanah, Shanah Tova, Rosh Hashanah 2014, Rosh Hashanah 2015, Rosh Hashanah Recipes, Best Rosh Hashanah Recipes, Rosh Hashanah Food

Check out the Top 5 best recipes for your 2014 Rosh Hashanah dinner right here. From chicken dishes to dessert …

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charlo green, marijuana, advocacy

Charlo Greene is the KTVA reporter who quit on-air after a segment on the Alaska Cannabis Club and admitting to being its owner. Here’s a follow-up video.

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jasmine tridevil, three boobs, three breasts, augumentation

Jasmine Tridevil is the 21-year-old wannabe reality television star who got a third breast surgically implanted. Here’s the info on the Florida native.

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