KTVA reporter Charlo Greene of Alaska was doing a report on medical marijuana when she said, “F*ck it” and outed herself as owner of the Alaska Cannabis Club.

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iphone 6, dash cam, bike, cyclist, bicyclist

Bicyclist Igor Reva was cruising through traffic when a cyclist leapt out in front of him to try and recover a dropped iPhone 6. Reva was wearing a helmet cam.

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huntsman spider, giant crab spiders, australia

A girlfriend from Hong Kong visiting her boyfriend’s native Australia comes across an infamously large Australian spider for the first time. Watch what happens.

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Apple is once again under the scrutiny of another scandal. iPhone 6 users have dubbed it “Hairgate” after complaints surfaced that the phone pulls out hair.

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Louisiana, la mer, rouge, train crash

A tractor trailer stuck on train tracks in Mer Rouge, Lousiana was struck by a train carrying argon. Watch the scary collision of the two vehicles here.

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rugby, penis, flash

The South Sydney Rabbitohs is a rugby team in Australia who just won their first Grand Final in 43-years. A fan celebrated by flashing his penis on-air.

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Reddit user JPEEZY95 shared this awesome pic of himself and his fellow Army men prior to deployment. They all posed in front of little green Army figurines.

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kangaroo, nutcracker, fighting

A man in residential Australia found two kangaroos boxing outside his home. He filmed the entire fight, and set it to Tchaikovsky’s Nutcracker ballet music.

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A crazy lady who is upset at a bicyclist for riding on the sidewalk throws a cup at him. An off-duty cop shows up and tries to defuse the situation.

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ebola, rick perry, texas, dallas

Yesterday, Texas Governor Rick Perry made an announcement about Thomas Eric Duncan & the Ebola outbreak in Dallas. Somebody then added “The Walking Dead” theme.

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