A gallery of police invading celebrity Ice Bucket Challenges to remind drivers that this Labor Day, they’ll see you before you see them.

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blue angels, navy squadron

The Blue Angels are at it again, and this squadron of flight demonstrator are demonstrating the near-impossible. Check out the craziest air tricks ever!

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For more info on the nominees, performers and all the VMAs 2014 action, download the MTV Artists App for the Video Music Awards.

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Nahi Mahdi, an Iraqi TV host for Memri TV of Asia, had a Muslim guest break into tears about what ISIS is doing to Christians in Iraq and Syria.

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san francisco 1989 earthquake, world series earthquake, san francisco earthquake 2014

The 6.1 magnitude in San Fran today was the largest earthquake in the Bay Area since the 1989 M 6.9. The latter occurred during the World Series. Pictures here.

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san francisco earthquake, san fran earthquake, napa valley earthquake

A M 6.1 Richter scale earthquake has struck San Francisco, California and the surrounding Napa Valley today. The earthquake originated in American Canyon, just north of the Bay Area. Here are videos of the destruction.

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A M 6.0 Richter scale earthquake hit American Canyon, California today, near San Francisco & the surrounding Napa Valley Wine Country. Here are the pictures.

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50 cent, harry potter, floyd mayweather

Rapper 50 Cent challenged Floyd Mayweather to read one page out of a Harry Potter book. If he does, 50 will donate $750,000 to a charity of the boxer’s choice.

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kajieme powell shooting

Kajieme Powell was shot and killed by police in Missouri on Tuesday after he came after them holding a knife in an overhand grip. Warning: video shows his death.

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nick offerman, shower thoughts, funny videos

Reddit’s Shower Thoughts are random, zen-like insights that one has while showering. Watch Nick Offerman of Parks & Rec read these one-liners as only he can.

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bryan singer, patrick stewart, x-men, tattoo

Days of Future Past director Bryan Singer celebrated the film’s grossing of over $700 million dollars by getting an X-Men tattoo with Professor X himself.

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jeremy forsyth, alabama boss, redneck ice bucket challenge

The Alabama Boss, AKA Jeremy Forsyth, is an Internet personality with followers on Twitter, Instagram, and Vine. Check out his country take on the ALS Challenge.

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