KTVA reporter Charlo Greene of Alaska was doing a report on medical marijuana when she said, “F*ck it” and outed herself as owner of the Alaska Cannabis Club.

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iphone 6, iphone 6 plus, apple, bend, commercial

Apple is currently engaged in a scandal known as “Bendgate.” After the bending iPhone problem was exposed in a YouTube video, this fake commercial was made.

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Check out the Top 5 best recipes for your 2014 Rosh Hashanah dinner right here. From chicken dishes to dessert …

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charlo green, marijuana, advocacy

Charlo Greene is the KTVA reporter who quit on-air after a segment on the Alaska Cannabis Club and admitting to being its owner. Here’s a follow-up video.

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jasmine tridevil, three boobs, three breasts, augumentation

Jasmine Tridevil is the 21-year-old wannabe reality television star who got a third breast surgically implanted. Here’s the info on the Florida native.

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apollos hester, high school, football

High school football player Apollos Hester is a wide receiver for the East View Patriots in Texas. After a game, he was interviewed by TWC Austin’s Lauren Mickler.

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autumnal equinox

What is the autumnal equinox and why is it important? When is it in 2014? Is an autumnal equinox a solstice? These questions and more answered here.

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Budweiser is known for its beer, but its stance against drunk driving is well-known, too. Check out its newest ad against it featuring a man and his dog.

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These high school seniors decided to make their senior pictures the most memorable by being the funniest. Check out the crazy senior photo pranks.

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The most annoying mother in the world doesn’t think that her child should have to use headphones with an iPad while seated on an airplane. Police disagree.

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