The Prime Day deals started at midnight PDT, and we’ve rounded up some of the most exciting and noteworthy deals.

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It’s Independence Day in the USA, so what better way to celebrate your 4th of July in 2015, than with a few poems to show your patriotism.

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Happy Fourth Of July! Check out the best quotes, poems and sayings for your 2015 greeting cards to celebrate the 4th.

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Celebrate the 4th Of July 2015 by remembering the best quotes from the movie Independence Day.

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Check out the best quotes and sayings to celebrate our nation’s Independence Day 2015.

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Happy July 4th! Are you looking for the perfect drinking game to get your party or BBQ started? Here are 10 fun, easy ideas that everyone 21+ can play and enjoy!

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Check out these quotes and sayings for the Fourth of July to celebrate America’s independence.

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It’s July 4th, which means it’s time to celebrate the freest nation in the world. Celebrate all things American with these funny memes about the United States!

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Celebrate the 4th of July with the top 10 best quotes and sayings of 2015. Check out these funny and famous quotations about freedom for the fourth.

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This mindblowing video puts you right in the heart of a firework display using a GoPro camera rigged on a quadcopter drone. Very cool!

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Check out our top 5 best 4th of July crafts, printables and DIY ideas for Independence Day 2015.

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Amazon is running lots of deals and promotions over 4th of July. Check out these 4th of July deals on jewelry, clothes, shoes, gadgets, and much more.

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With summer comes bathing suits. For 4th of July, check out the hottest, most sexy and best bikinis with stars and stripes for 2015.

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With Jurassic World being so successful this year, dinosaur toys are going to become the most sought after toys for birthdays and holidays.

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Today is Canada Day, which celebrates the passing of the British North America Act 148 years ago. Celebrate all things Canadian with these funny memes.

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If you love patriotic clothing, check out these great red, white, and blue clothing options for men and women.

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