WWE Emma Return 2016: When Will She Be Back?

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Emma is expected to make her way back into the ring very soon. (

WWE superstar Emma is expected to return from her injury soon. When exactly can we expect her to be back?

Emma, whose real name is Tenille Dashwood, has been absent since early May due to a back injury that required surgery. But on Twitter this week, she revealed that she has been officially cleared to return. In fact, she was cleared six weeks ago, and she expressed frustration with the company for making her wait so long to get back in action.

Fans should likely expect Emma to be back very soon, then, potentially at or immediately after the Clash of Champions pay-per-view. The time frame between when a superstar is cleared to return and when they actually return can vary. Recently, Nikki Bella came back into the ring just three days after being cleared. But sometimes superstars require a bit longer to get back into proper shape to compete, while other times the WWE simply needs time to find a place for them.

Based on recent episodes of Monday Night Raw, it’s easy to see where the company is probably going with Emma. At the moment, Dana Brooke is teamed up with WWE Women’s Champion Charlotte, but their relationship has become increasingly strained, and some sort of a split is clearly on the way. This could perfectly segue into the return of Emma and of the partnership between Emma and Dana Brooke, which had to come to an end in May when Emma left.

Emma also sent out the aforementioned tweet during Raw, meaning it’s very possible it’s meant to set up a storyline where a frustrated Emma crashes the Clash of Champions Women’s Championship match.

That’s assuming that Emma actually comes to Raw, though. Emma missed the 2016 draft and is not currently signed to either show, and Cageside Seats is reporting a rumor that Emma will be heading to SmackDown Live, not Raw. This would be to help flesh out the woman’s division on the blue team, which at the moment is a bit sparse, only consisting of six superstars (seven when Eva Marie returns). Raw only has six at the moment as well, but eight women are officially signed to the brand, with Paige and Summer Rae currently not active.

As an added benefit, drafting Emma to SmackDown would allow her to be on the same show as her real-life boyfriend, The Hype Bros’ Zack Ryder.

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