WWE SmackDown Live Match Results & Spoilers September 20th

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The Miz will fight Dolph Ziggler on September 20th’s SmackDown Live. (

Tonight on SmackDown Live, The Miz must defend his Intercontinental Championship title against Dolph Ziggler. Plus, John Cena goes one-on-one with Dean Ambrose in a match, and if we’re lucky enough, we may see the return of Eva Marie. The show will air tonight at 8:00 p.m. Eastern Time on the USA Network, broadcast from Birmingham, Alabama. Read on for match results and spoilers, followed by a preview of the night’s events written earlier this afternoon.

8:00 – The show opens with Daniel Bryan in the ring. He hypes up the SmackDown Women’s Championship match at No Mercy, saying that tonight SmackDown will have its first ever women’s division contract signing. They’re going to keep things civil, though.

Becky Lynch enters. Bryan reiterates that things will be kept civil tonight. Lynch says she has her thick skin on tonight. “Come at me bro,” she adds.

Alexa Bliss enters (outside of her Harley Quinn costume). Bliss insults Lynch’s appearance, and Lynch says that while Bliss is preparing for a pageant, she’s preparing for a fight. Bliss says that Lynch does not fit the role of a champion; her role in life is to be the woman who succeeds and then fails miserably. She’s the lovable superstar who never quite gets it, and subconsciously Lynch knows that. “You weren’t born to be a champion,” she says. “You were born to be a loser.” Lynch says that this is true, she was not born to be a champion. She was born to live in a small house by the side of the road in Dublin. But she believed in herself and wanted to be champion, and she made it happen by pouring her heart and soul into wrestling. “I was not born to be a champion,” she says. “I fought to be a champion.”

Bliss says that Lynch is always destined for second place, because Bliss was born to be a champion while Lynch is a one hit wonder. Before she signs her contract, Bliss hits Lynch over the head with the contract and then flips over the table onto Lynch. As Bliss begins walking away, Lynch attacks her from behind and Bliss runs off. Lynch goes back into the ring and signs her contract.

8:14 – Backstage, The Miz confronts Daniel Bryan. He’s furious that he has to defend his title against Dolph Ziggler tonight. Bryan offers to cancel the match…and cancel The Miz’s renegotiated contract, too. In Miz’s new contract, Bryan explains, there’s a stipulation that says it only goes into effect if he defends his title.

8:16 The Usos defeat American Alpha. Chad Gable’s knee is injured about halfway through the match, putting American Alpha at a disadvantage. When given an opportunity to make a tag and bring Gable back into the match, Jason Jordan chooses not to do so and gets pinned. The Usos will now face Heath Slater and Rhyno at No Mercy. 

8:31 – Backstage, Heath Slater tells Rhyno he’s going to try to get the WWE universe fully behind them going into No Mercy. The Usos confront them, saying they got lucky at Backlash and threatening to take Slater’s knee out. Rhyno comes to Slater’s defense, and The Usos leave.

8:37 Baron Corbin defeats Apollo Crews while Jack Swagger sits on commentary. Corbin is quite brutal on Crews, smashing his head into the barricade over and over and then kicking him into the post. Corbin stares down Jack Swagger at the end of the match.

8:49 – Backstage, Naomi talks about being confident and not being afraid to be yourself ahead of her match tonight. Natalya’s glow went out a long time ago, she says. Nikki Bella says that Carmella has had it out for her for weeks, but she doesn’t understand that she’s not the Nikki Bella of a year ago, fighting every match as if it’s her last ever since her injury.

8:51 – Backstage, Dolph Ziggler says he’s going to give it everything he has in his match tonight. He’s desperate to prove to himself that he still belongs here, he says, and tonight he needs to shut The Miz up once and for all.

8:52 The Miz defeats Dolph Ziggler. The Miz has the upper hand for the majority of the match, especially when Ziggler is thrown into the post. Ziggler builds up some momentum before being thrown into a post yet again. Ziggler is able to counter a dropkick by Miz, finally giving him an opportunity for a pin, but The Miz kicks out at two. Maryse tries to interfere with hair spray at one point, but the referee interferes and banishes her from ringside. The Miz tries to flee the arena, but Ziggler won’t let that happen, throwing him back into the ring. Finally, The Miz sprays Ziggler with Maryse’s hair spray and pins him, retaining his title.

9:22 Randy Orton defeats Erick Rowan after delivering an RKO in a match that only lasts a few minutes. As the match ends, the lights go out and Rowan is nowhere to be seen. Bray Wyatt appears on screen, saying that he is a god and a god can never die.

9:33 Naomi & Nikki Bella fight Carmella & Natalya. The match ends almost immediately when Carmella assaults Nikki Bella while not tagged in.

9:37 – Backstage, AJ Styles says he has no beef with John Cena and Dean Ambrose because he’s superior to them in every way. Tonight, he’s going to soak it all in watching Cena and Ambrose destroy each other.

9:38 Dean Ambrose defeats John Cena, pinning him after countering an Attitude Adjustment. After the match, AJ Styles comes out of nowhere to attack John Cena and then Dean Ambrose. He screams that he’s the face that runs the place.

9:56 – Daniel Bryan enters, saying that last week, Shane McMahon promised Dean Ambrose a one-on-one WWE World Championship rematch. That match will happen next week on SmackDown Live. Dean Ambrose assaults AJ Styles, saying, “I’ll see you next week.”

On SmackDown tonight, The Miz will be placed in a match against Dolph Ziggler, and his Intercontinental Championship title is on the line. The Miz is not happy about this, describing the decision in a Facebook video as Daniel Bryan pulling a fast one on him and saying that Dolph Ziggler does not deserve another shot at the title. After demanding a contract negotiation, The Miz, Daniel Bryan and Shane McMahon came to an agreement recently, and so we’ll likely learn the details of this new contract this evening.

Plus, last week on SmackDown, it was announced that John Cena, Dean Ambrose and AJ Styles will fight in a Triple Threat match to determine the WWE World Champion at No Mercy. Last week, Cena and Ambrose teamed up in a tag team match, but it ended with Ambrose betraying and assaulting Cena. This week, John Cena and Dean Ambrose will go head-to-head.

On the women’s division side of things, we’ll likely be seeing much more of Alexa Bliss, who last week earned the right to challenge Becky Lynch for the WWE SmackDown Women’s Championship at No Mercy. She didn’t wait long to go after Lynch, insulting the Irish Lass Kicker on Talking Smack immediately after the show.

“I’ve watched her for years,” Bliss said of Lynch. “I saw her walk in on her first day at NXT. I know her weaknesses. I know her flaws…And I know how to counter pretty much everything that she can do.”

Eva Marie’s suspension also just ended, so might we see her return tonight? Could she actually, finally make her debut? Finally, we’ll almost certainly see more of the feud between Randy Orton and Bray Wyatt, more of Heath Slater and Rhyno, and perhaps even a role for the magnificent James Ellsworth.