Josh Samman Cause of Death: How Did UFC Star Die?

Josh Samman Cause of Death

Samman pictured after beating Eddie Gordon in December 2014. (Getty)

After spending five days in a coma, Ultimate Fighter star Josh Samman was pronounced dead in South Florida on October 5. TMZ reports that there are “rumblings that heroin played a role.” Samman was 28 years old. His death was announced on Instagram by fellow Ultimate Fighter star Gilbert Jamal Smith.

His mother told Fox Sports that no heroin was found in Samman’s system. She told the network, “Josh is still in a coma, and more tests are being done. That is the latest update on my son’s condition. And in spite of speculation, there was no heroin found in Josh’s system whatsoever. No matter what people are posting on social media.” The Tallahassee Democrat reports that local police suspect a “drug overdose” in the incident. Local 10 in South Florida also reported that drugs were believed to be involved.

Troy Kirkingburg Facebook page

Samman’s friend Troy Kirkingburg pictured on his Facebook page.

Samman was found alongside his longtime friend, Troy Kirkingburg. Kirkingburg was pronounced dead at the scene. According to his obituary, Kirkingburg had been living in Tallahassee at the time of his death but was a native of Michigan. The tribute adds that he had been working as an announcer for an MMA company in Florida. A Go Fund Me page has been set up to help Kirkingburg’s family pay for funeral expenses.

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  1. This problem is only growing worse by the day. The Narcan (generic naloxone) is available over the counter . I find it very sad that this life saving kit is overpriced and out of reach for most anyone who needs it. Here in Florida the lifesaving antidote costs 126.00$. The same thing in rome, Italy costs about five bucks.
    Where is the care? why cant our local leaders learn from other places that got better, only after changing punitive policies against drug users.

    • The PROBLEM is not access to naloxone. It’s using drugs in the first place. $126 bucks is cheap…how much do you spend on opiods comparatively? “Where is the care/why can’t our leaders learn…” Just stop the whining, it’s not anyone’s job to intervene in this stupidity. It’s natural selection and what’s needed is less interference of selection.

      • Oh how pride howls at the weak, yet never looks at its own contorted visage in the mirror/ For whom the bell tolls, you fool.