Fantasy Football Start ‘Em, Sit ‘Em: Week 9 Predictions


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Michael Gibson

I I agree. Williams should bounce back. Also, maybe if these coaches had their team members for their fantasy football team that would be more in tune with the need to get the ball to the guys who produce. Right now it’s been so frustrating having Antonio Brown as a player. His number should be 32 points every week. How does Mike Tomlin not know this? Get the man the ball!!!! Just throw it up to him…..Let him run by the db’s…..anything. You have to get the ball in his hands and continue to do it. Stars are stars for a reason and if I’m Landry Jones, I’m throwing it to Brown. Every single time. lol


Or West…whatever…..stupid details. Oh yeah, one more think Slick. There’s a clean up on aisle 9 I’m gonna need you to take care of!

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