NFL Power Rankings Week 10
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NFL Power Rankings Week 10


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How if the seahawks did not win the cowboys would be number 1 that dont even make any sense. That means the pats would still be on top.. but the pats lost meaning the cowboys should be number must be a cowboy hater!


This site is NEVER going to rank the Cowboys at the #1 Spot.

If the Seahawks win next week, they will continue at the top spot ….
and If they LOSE, who ever beats them, will be at the #1 spot.

This site is TRASH.

I’m never coming here again.


oh yeah and the Seahawks have played 2 teams over 500 so far and have one team left over 500 (Eagles .556). Now I understand.

Jonathan Adams

Love all the passion from Cowboys fans. I’ve actually never enjoyed watching a Dallas team more than this one. I’ve had the Patriots as the top team for quite some time. The Seahawks going into Foxborough and handing them their first loss with Brady was impressive. The Cowboys going into Pittsburgh and winning was also impressive but the Steelers were 4-4.

Galahad Garza

Does the Cowboys’ record (8-1, best in the NFL) and the Seahawks’ record (6-2-1, 5th best in the NFL) mean nothing to your ranking system? Cowboys are #1 on almost every other power ranking site–every other legitimate power ranking site. Whatever criteria you are using to rank the teams should be scrapped. It is obviously not working.

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