Was Shane McMahon Really Injured at ‘Survivor Series’?

At WWE’s Survivor Series pay-per-view, Shane McMahon was absolutely destroyed by Roman Reigns, being hit with a spear and having to be helped out of the ring by medical professionals. Was this just a part of the storyline, or was McMahon actually hurt during the match?

The WWE has not released any official word about Shane’s status, but Ringside News reports that this was not a work and not the way that Shane was supposed to exit the match. Fortunately, it seems that he is doing okay, as Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter is reporting that by the end of the night on Sunday, Shane was telling everyone that he felt fine.

In the clip above, you can see why viewers have been so worried about Shane, as when he is speared by Roman Reigns, his head slams directly into the mat. He then raises his arms in a fencing position, an involuntary response that occurs after a concussion.

So what was meant to happen, exactly? Well, Dave Meltzer reports that Shane was supposed to get pinned by Roman Reigns after the spear. But in the event itself, the referee suddenly stopped his count even though Shane McMahon didn’t appear to kick out. You can see the referee stop counting and begin examining Shane, with the commentators not knowing what to say and being extremely confused.

Another immediate clue that this was all real was that after the spot, Randy Orton immediately breaks character to go talk to Shane McMahon’s son, presumably consoling him and telling him that his dad is going to be okay. No mention of this was made by the commentators, and the cameras didn’t even focus on it that much; if Orton consoling Shane’s son was part of the work, the WWE would have likely played it up a bit more. Orton also commented on this on Twitter, indicating that things had gone “sideways.”

The WWE’s silence also speaks volumes. In a case where a superstar’s injury is fake, the WWE will often continue the charade on social media and on their website, giving updates about how the performer is supposedly doing. On the other hand, when there’s a real injury, the company usually remains completely silent while they figure things out. After SummerSlam, for instance, there was no official word about the extent of Finn Balor’s injuries until shortly before Raw the following night. After Survivor Series, Shane McMahon presumably had to undergo some concussion tests.

Many fans who were in attendance for Survivor Series have since provided their perspective on social media, saying that it seemed clear to those in the room that Shane was definitely hurt.

Reddit user ironlion26 explained, “I was sitting facing the hard camera. Ref tried to communicate with them and immediately pressed a button on the back of his belt to alert backstage that something was going on. He was definitely legit hurt.”


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Wasn’t handled correctly. Definitely a head injury as you noted, definitely fencing response. His head should’ve been braced before he was moved in case of a neck injury. Hope he’ll be okay and hope they learned from this. You’d think they’d have better medical response set up at these events.

Ryan Wil

He’ll be FINE… tho it looked a bit rough… but were talking about a guy who has jumped off a steel cage a handful of times… and the titan tron..
probably got the wind knocked out of him,. I doubt he’ll miss much time or maybe wont miss anything…,
hes crazy and ive hated WWE Since like 2005… If they still did stuff like Shane has done and does on a regular basis when active.
maybe id be semi interested to check it out now and than.. probably not.. I hate today;s wrestlers more gimmick than skill.. and ever since Vince bough WCW.. it all went to hell from there..
its horrible except for now and than when someone like Shane does something hardcore or crazy… majority of these newer wrestlers.. cant wrestle there way outta a paper bag..
not to mention most of the story lines the past 13 years are barely watchable.


more gimmick than skill!!?? Clearly you HAVEN’T been watching or else you’d know WWE is now home to some of the best in-ring workers in the world and that gimmicks clearly have taken a backseat to skills especially if you compare it to 20, 30 years ago.. Let’s see, Cesaro, Tyler Black/Seth Rollins, Kevin owens, AJ Styles (his generation’s shawn michaels), Sami Zayn, Finn Balor, most of the cruiserweight division, Dolph Ziggler even to some degree. And then if you get into NXT you’ve got Tomasso Ciampa and Johnny Gargano, two of their generation’s best, Samoa Joe, and Nakamura both of who anyone who knows anything about wrestling will not shut up about. There was Daniel Bryan too before he was forced to retire early this year. The WWE today is bursting with skills, it has factually signed like half of the best workers of the least 15 years in wrestling. It’s got much better wrestlers than it did in 2005 , nevermind 20 years ago when it was still more important to be big than good. Maybe you stopped watching Well maybe if you HAD been you’d realise your opinion makes no sense.

I would even say in fact that maybe the issue with today’s WWE is that it’s NOT enough about gimmicks.

And seriously you care to see shane in a ring? What the hell? he’s not a wrestler, see HE doesn’t have skills, HE Can’t wrestle his way out of a paper bag. Like i said in my comment above, i’m glad he got injured, maybe its time he realises he needs to stop with the narcissism and let the real workers do their job.

This is like the worst most uninformed opinion i read about WWE in a long time.


I was one of the nurses at the facility he came to..He thought his dad was his cousin..he’s going to feel this one for awhile I fear.


shane doesnt belong in a ring. Maybe he needs a good injury to understand this. I have no idea why people want to see him there either. He’s not a wrestler and i don’t care about his stupid spots.


It’s tough when your family gets hurt, hate to see his wife and son watching that. Family health care in later years after injuries like that are hard to deal with.

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