Derek Carr Injury Status Update: Is Derek Carr Playing in the Raiders Wild Card Game?

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Derek Carr is helped off the field. (Getty)

Oakland Raiders quarterback Derek Carr is inactive for the wild card game in Houston against the Texans on Saturday. On December 24 in the fourth quarter of the Oakland win over the Indianapolis Colts, Carr broke his fibula when Colts defensive lineman Trent Cole sacked him, causing him to double over his ankle and fracture the leg bone.

After the game, Raiders head coach Jack Del Rio revealed the extent of Carr’s injury and explained that he would need surgery to repair the fracture the next day. Logistical situations with the attending surgeon over the holiday forced the surgery to be conducted on Tuesday, December 27, however.

Carr’s surgery went well, and his early recovery is progressing similarly well. He is currently in a boot and on crutches.

In a small way, Carr being sidelined could be considered a positive. Carr suffered a fractured finger back in Week 12, and recently revealed that injury was more significant than originally reported. The recovery time that Carr will take for his fibula will also allow his finger to fully heal as well.

While the team hasn’t completely ruled out the possibility that Carr could return for the Super Bowl if Oakland should win the AFC Championship, it’s an unlikely scenario. The original timetable on his recovery was at least six weeks, and six weeks from December 27 is Tuesday, February 7. That’s two days after Super Bowl LI is scheduled to be played.

Being medically cleared to play is a different matter than being in a condition ready to lead an offense into a Super Bowl as well, and the Raiders would have to take that into consideration if they should reach that game. Regardless of how far the Raiders progress in the playoffs this winter, Carr should be ready for the 2017-18 season, looking to build on the success that Oakland and he had this season.

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