NBA Trade Rumors 2017: Top 5 Best Trade Ideas for Deadline
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NBA Trade Rumors 2017: Top 5 Best Trade Ideas for Deadline


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Well then it’s a good thing that Jonathan, didn’the include his 6th trade idea. Since Seth Curry is only making around 13 million this season a trade with the Kicks for Joakim Noah would work since their salaries match.


Oops, rong Curry!
No worries, this trade is still makes as much sense as the last 2 of the 5 that were mentioned.
I also know they are the Knicks not the Kicks. Again, makes no difference. The only person who thinks it does is Jonathan.


These Celtics/Kicks trade scenarios and the Philly/Heat scenario are so laughable!!! I hope you didn’t come up with these on your own. I guarantee Celtics don’t give up all that talent for a washed up Melo and no way Goran goes to Philly for the way overrated (and not even rated that high) Okafor LMAO.


You’really dead on!
If this New York (East coast biased) Sports writer believes that Jahil Okafar and Carmelo Anthony have this much trade value, perhaps the Knicks and the 76er’s can swing a deal, to swap these 2 superstars? ;)
I hope he likes what each team gets. Carmelo is old and that contract makes him toxic to boot. The Knicks should do cartwheels to get a young asset like Okafor and get Anthony off their books.
Make it happen Phil, Knicks fans are desperate.

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