At the VMAs Nicki Minaj will be performing her song “Anaconda.” Check out the hottest shots from the music video right here.

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Most newbie artists would flounder after going six years without releasing a new album, but most new artists don’t look like Cassie Ventura either.

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Their blood may run cold, but their looks are red hot.

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We all know that many women use Halloween as an excuse to sex it up and wear less in public, thankfully celebs are no different.

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“Eh, these women are like a spicy meatball!” Sorry, couldn’t help it… seriously though, Italy doesn’t fool around when it comes to hot women.

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What a bluey! Isla Fisher takes on our 20 Hottest spread for your viewing pleasure.

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Christina isn’t quite the perfectly proportioned lady she used to be, join us in celebrating that once perfect figure.

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She’s not just another hot model-turned-actress…wait, maybe she is, but who cares?

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Think you’re too cool for Star Trek? By the end of this intergalactic girl’s gallery you’ll be saying, “beam me up, baby!”

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There’s a lot of deadly creatures in the Australian Outback and model Samantha Bailey definitely has the looks that kill.

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Danica Patrick: race-car driver and resident Go Daddy bombshell. We’ve got the speed demon’s 20 Hottest Photos.

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This probably could have included 2/3 of the female population of Colombia, but we had to take a realistic approach to the gallery.

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You might know the Alexis Knapp from the party movie Project X. What you may not know is that according to her Twitter she’s a fan of bacon doughnuts.

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We hate Chris Hemsworth. He’s probably a nice guy, but we can’t help but be jealous when he’s dating Elsa Pataky. Check out her 20 Hottest.

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We tried getting Lizzy Caplan and Zooey Deschanel to duke it out in a kiddie pool of Jello, but they didn’t go for it. So we’re dishing out Lizzy’s 20 hottest photos instead.

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Jay-Z might have Jourdan Dunn for this new YouTube channel, but we have her right now for our 20 hottest gallery. Your move, Jigga.

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