You better not pout, or cry … or Santa will haunt your nightmares forever.

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Watz up ninjas?! Find your face-painted soulmate on Ok Cupid Juggalo Tumblr. Cuz juggalos need love too, word!

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Prom: an excuse amongst high schoolers to partake in merriment that sometimes leads to debauchery, and sometimes to botched photo ops.

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We have a lot to learn from them. First tip: don’t let your baby catch fire.

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If there’s one defining photography archetype of the 80s and 90s, it’s the “glamour shot.” Here are the top 20 that the Internet can’t explain.

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Social media isn’t for everyone. Use caution if any of these people hit you up for a friend request.

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If you find yourself guilty of any of the behavior in this series of photos, we have some bad news for you – you’re failing miserably at life.

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A perfectly timed photo can capture a beautiful sunset or shooting star. These photos capture people getting kicked in the nads.

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Spring is in the air. Which means babies. Lots of babies.

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I’m just relieved I didn’t have Facebook when I was 13.

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There’s something innately irksome about an anthropomorphic lagamorph. In layman’s terms, Easter bunnies are scary as sh*t!

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One fish, two fish, red fish, DEMON FISH.

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Even if you’re one of those people who’d do anything to save a buck, you won’t do these.

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Please, somebody, anybody, tell us what the hell is going on here. You’ve got a lot of explaining to do, internet.

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Next time you think about taking a new pic for your profile, whether selfie or not, just sit down and think, “Is this really necessary?”

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“Sweet Corolla, dude! You still working at Burger King?” Clearly the solution to your mediocre vehicle is a $200 piece of plastic.

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