20 Worst
The 20 Worst Public Transit Fails

There’s a reason that public transit gets a bad rap and we’re about to show you 20 of them. Say goodbye to courtesy and human decency…

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The 20 Worst TV News Fails Vol 2

The 20 Worst Billboards Ever

The highways and interstates of America are covered with thousands of billboards offering quality products and services, and in this case, lots of fail and wtf.

The Worst Politician Haircuts Ever

The 20 Worst Mugshots Vol. 3: Zombies, Nazis & Idiots

The 20 Worst Wedding Fails Vol 2

The 20 Worst Epic Fail GIFs

The 20 Worst Auto Correct Fails Part Deux

Auto correct is the bane of many a smartphone owner’s existence. Let’s laugh at their misfortune.

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The 20 Worst Newspaper Headlines

Some of these newspaper headlines are intentional, but others we’re pretty sure are clearly just a result of stupidity. Either way, they’ve all got one thing in common—breaking news on the fail front.

Russian Wedding WTF Photos

The 20 Worst Yearbook Photos

The 20 Worst Book Covers

The 20 Worst Attorney Commercials

The 20 Worst Glamour Shots

No amount of rhinestones or glitter can save these photographic abominations.

The 20 Worst Auto Correct Fails

The 20 Worst Police Fails

The 20 Worst Warning Signs

The 20 Worst Sign Fails

The 20 Worst T-Shirt Fails

Whatever you feel like wearing is your choice, but it might be wise to leave the “muff diver” t-shirt in the closet when taking your daughters out in public. Nah, who are we kidding, bring on the fail.