20 Worst
The 20 Worst Mugshots, Volume 2

Most people don’t look their best in a police mugshot, but damn, something tells me these skidmarks on society didn’t look much better before johnny law came knocking.

The 20 Worst Names

Check out twenty people with the most hilariously fail-tastic names ever seen. From Anass Rhammar to Judy Graham Swallows, these poor chumps never had a chance.

The 20 Worst Video Game Tattoos

So maybe Mario Kart was a life changing game for you in 1994, but do you really want stars and mushrooms inked onto your knuckles forever? These people do (or did).

The 20 Worst Wrestling Gimmicks

Professional Wrestling is entertainment for gigantic dummies, but even the stupidest redneck in the world didn’t enjoy these 20 horrible grapplers.

The 20 Worst Fast Food Ads

The average fast food ad is just a utilitarian way of making you remember a restaurant name and its products, but some, as I’m about to show you, are just plain retarded.

The 20 Worst Myspace Pictures

We dove back in to the scariest social network of all time this week and brought back 20 specimens of the worst Myspace has to offer.