20 Worst
The 20 Worst Rap Videos

Just about every mook on Earth thinks they can bust rhymes, from Christian motivational speakers to Sudanese immigrants. In this feature, 20 of the most laughably awful rap videos the world has ever seen.

The 20 Worst Cosplay Photos

You know cosplay, right? Hot Japanese babes dressed as video game characters? This is the dark side of that.

The 20 Worst Wedding Fails

With Valentine’s Day swiftly approaching, some of you in the audience may be thinking of popping the question to your beloved. Marriage is a wonderful institution, and your wedding day will probably be the happiest one of your lives. Unless, of course…

The 20 Worst Guidos

Jersey Shore has come and gone, but the legacy of the guido lives forever. These hair-gelled warriors of the dance floor are the nadir of the American male – all spray tans, Ed Hardy shirts and attitude. We’ve gone into the wild to bring back pictures of the 20 worst guidos we could find…

The 20 Worst Tattoo Typos

Tattoos are forever – or at least forever minus the input of lasers. So if you’re getting inked, you’d think that it’d be wise to run a spellcheck on your body art. The twenty morons in this post, however, skipped that step. Here’s my favorite awful tattoo typos of all time.