The 20 Worst Billboards Ever

The highways and interstates of America are covered with thousands of billboards offering quality products and services, and in this case, lots of fail and wtf.

The Worst Politician Haircuts Ever

There may not be an honest politician in all of Washington, but there’s also apparently a severe lack of combs and mirrors as well. Comb overs, hair plugs, bad toupees – it’s about to get real ugly in here.

The 20 Worst Epic Fail GIFs

There’s a lot of fail out there in the world and if you’re not looking for it, it can be gone in a flash. Thankfully, we have GIFs to relive that embarrassment over, and over, and over…

The 20 Worst Dark Knight Fails

Don’t expect these Dark Knights to swoop in and save Gotham anytime soon. They’ve got a wicked hangover and those tights are really starting to chafe.

The 20 Worst Church Sign Fails

America is filled with churches. These churches all have signs to announce sermons, events, quotes, and generally try to attract people into their halls. Unfortunately for them, but fortunately for us, this frequently goes awry. As you can see above, sometimes a spiritual message just sounds like they’re trying to get in your butthole.

10 Most Terrible Chicks on OKCupid

The following dating profiles are real. The terrible secrets you’re about to read are genuine. Some mean well, some are WAY too open, and some are just into some weird and kinky stuff.