The 3rd installment in the long-running Mafia series takes us to New Bordeaux for a mission rife with revenge.

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Battleborn has a roster that features a bulking soldier, a penguin stuffed inside a mech and many more heroes. Here’s every character you need to see from this MOBA/shooter.

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Gearbox Software is taking a break from the Borderlands and taking a trip into the galaxy to save its last remaining star. Here’s a complete breakdown of Battleborn.

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Here’s an inside look at the initial gathering of Evolve’s playable Hunters and Monsters.

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The gaming public needs to be fully prepared for the Hunters vs. Monsters gameplay of Evolve. We’re going to do you all a favor and get them up to speed on this new FPS.

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Evolve isn’t just an online multiplayer game, and 2K games wants to make sure potential players know that!

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‘Evolve’s’ forth monster is just as ugly as the rest, and looks to be just as powerful.

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2K Games and Turtle Rock Studios have revealed the Evacuation Mode for Evolve, which will be a sort of playlist of three modes that drives a story.

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2K Games had ported over its excellent “XCOM” expansion “Enemy Within” to mobile devices. Check out these tips and cheats straight from the devs of this tactical strategy hit.

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Get ready to take on the newest installment of “NBA 2K” and take on the game’s newest features and banging soundtrack.

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2K Games and Gearbox Software, the publishers and developers behind the “Borderlands” series, have revealed their latest next-gen project.

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