Tornado Alley Movie Trailer

Ever see the movie Twister? This documentary appears to follow the plot and even has Bill Paxton as narrator. Coming to an IMAX screen near you…

TRON: Legacy Movie Review

Disney folks were so impressed with Director Joseph Kosinski that they handed him a check for $200 million dollars. What did Disney get for their money?

Thor Movie Trailer

The Marvel classic Thor, doesn’t hit theaters until next May, but the trailer is here now. And it looks epic.

Born To Be Wild Movie Trailer

This IMAX documentary follows orphaned orangutans and elephants and the extraordinary people who rescue and raise them. Not for you? Is your heart made of stone?

Sanctum Movie Trailer

If you’re claustrophobic, Sanctum is gonna be a tough one for you. If you have a sense of adventure, Sanctum is the trip of a lifetime… until it becomes your worst nightmare. Reigning king of Hollywood James Cameron produced this movie based on true events about a group of explorers trapped in a flooded cave.

Watch a Scene from Tron Legacy: Quorra Saves Sam

I’ll never forget the first time I saw Tron. I’ll never forget the first time I played the stand-up arcade game. And soon, I’ll never forget the time I saw Tron Legacy in 3D. It’s being released on December 17th, just in time for Christmas, and to say we are fired up is an understatement. Check out this scene from the upcoming movie to see what’s in store.

Drive Angry Movie Trailer

Nicolas Cage plays a man who escapes from Hell to go after a cult who killed his daughter and took her baby. You read that right. Plenty of fire, brimstone and muscle cars, but it’s got Nicolas Cage, so proceed with caution.