Jackass 3D: Master Blaster

Another hilarious clip from Jackasss 3D. This one is a take on a classic Memorex ad from the 70’s, but with an unexpected twist.

Jackass 3D: Duck Hunting

They say the most dangerous game is hunting humans. Check out this hilarious video compliments of Johnny Knoxville and crew from Jackass 3D.

My Soul To Take Movie Trailer

Halloween is around the corner and more than a few horror movies are out to wet your whistle. Check out the trailer for Wes Craven’s new flick, My Soul To Take.

Saw 3D Movie Trailer

The Saw series is coming back one more time in 3D, and they say they’ve saved the best for last, so check out the trailer and see what you think.

Piranha 3D Movie Trailer

With all the drunk, sexy young college kids partying at the beach all the time, Spring Break makes a horrible time for a Piranha infestation. Of course, that’s exactly why it makes a great time for a movie about one. In 3-D!

TRON: Legacy Movie Trailer #2

Watch the trailer for the revamped 1980s sci-fi classic TRON. With 3-D films all the rage now at the box-office, TRON looks like it certainly won’t disappoint.

Sony E3 Press Conference

If Nintendo’s conference was all about nostalgia and Microsoft’s was all about Kinect, Sony was all about 3D and Move. After Avatar did big business, the third dimension is what the PlayStation 3 is staking the future on.

Gulliver’s Travels Movie Trailer

After wrecking his ship in the Bermuda Triangle, Lemuel Gulliver (Jack Black) awakens to discover he’s landed on an island of tiny inhabitants called the Lilliputians in the re-imagining of the classic story.

Megamind Movie Trailer

Two alien beings get sent to Earth as infants. One becomes a hero called Metroman (Brad Pitt), the other becomes a villain named Metromind (Will Ferrell).

Prepare For Saw VII… 3D

The Saw franchise doesn’t show any waning, so a seventh film probably doesn’t come across as special or unusual. Especially since they’ve been pumping these out once a year since the original in 2004. But wait! There are some details that might actually interest you.