Happy 420! On April 20, marijuana smokers take a day to celebrate cannabis culture. Find inspirational and funny quotes about the benefits of marijuana here.

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Happy 420! Every April 20, marijuana smokers dedicate a day to cannabis culture. Whether you smoke weed or not, you know about this 4:20 counterculture holiday. So celebrate it with these funny memes.

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April 20 is celebrate by stoners everywhere as “4/20.” So light a blunt, or pack a bowl, and check out these funny memes about marijuana culture.

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It’s 420, the day where stoners, blazers, and casual tokers alike celebrate marijuana! This year the “holiday” falls on Easter, so celebrate both!

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Prepare to have your mind blown.

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Marijuana’s national holiday is almost here so we though we’d round up 20 of the awesomest bongs ever created.

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