The 4th of July is coming. If you’re looking for the hottest new swimwear styles at prices that won’t break the bank, check out these awesome deals for men and women.

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Devon Staples was killed when he put a fireworks mortar to his head and lit it off during a July Fourth party in Calais, Maine. See photos of Devon here.

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Devon Staples, 22, was killed in Calais, Maine, after putting a fireworks mortar on his head and setting it off during a Fourth of July party, police said.

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Check out all the performers lined up for performances at the 2015 Macy’s Fourth Of July Fireworks Spectacular.

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Check out all the details on when the 2015 Macy’s Fourth Of July Fireworks are. Read on for the time, date, location and see what channel the show is on.

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Check out the details on Macy’s Fourth Of July Fireworks 2015 show live stream and how to watch all the 4th of July action online.

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There is so much history and tradition to our July 4th holiday. Learn more about some of the lesser known stories of the Fourth of July throughout the history of America.

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Here is the story behind one of the most important documents in American history. There were many important characters, places and factors that contributed to its creation.

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It’s Independence Day in the USA, so what better way to celebrate your 4th of July in 2015, than with a few poems to show your patriotism.

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Happy Fourth Of July! Check out the best quotes, poems and sayings for your 2015 greeting cards to celebrate the 4th.

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The question is, “Is mail delivered on the 4th Of July or are all post offices closed for the holiday?” Here’s the info on package delivery and open offices.

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It’s the 4th Of July, but some of the banks are open for the holiday. Check out which branches are open and which are closed.

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Celebrate the 4th Of July 2015 by remembering the best quotes from the movie Independence Day.

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Check out the best quotes and sayings to celebrate our nation’s Independence Day 2015.

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Happy July 4th! Are you looking for the perfect drinking game to get your party or BBQ started? Here are 10 fun, easy ideas that everyone 21+ can play and enjoy!

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Check out these quotes and sayings for the Fourth of July to celebrate America’s independence.

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