Illinois resident Kaloyan Pechevski exposed a possible scam at his local gas station when he filmed the gas meter running but no gas was coming out of the hose.

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Blake Shinn had a wardrobe malfunction at the Canterbury Racecourse in Australia when his pants fell down and his butt was out for the whole stadium to see.

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The Islamic State has released a commercial for its newly made publicly funded health care called the “Islamic State Health Service” or “ISHS” for short.

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A boy dancing to a new track by DJ Paul David has gone viral after his dance moves captured the attention of millions. Watch the video here.

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A young woman being interviewed by a news reporter about a shooting in Greenville, Mississippi made it known she peed herself live on-air, wet pants and all.

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On April 23, 2005, Jawed Karim, the site’s co-founder, uploaded “Me at the zoo” to the server, with Karim standing in front of elephants at the San Diego Zoo.

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The volcano Calbuco in southern Chile has erupted for the first time in 54 years. Watch it happen up-close as lightning bolts strike over the erupting lava.

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In 1990, Billie Joe Armstrong and his band Green Day were just punk high schoolers with a dream. Four years later they released “Dookie” and became stars.

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A father recorded his confrontation with a high school principal who had confiscated his daughter’s iPhone 6. The principal offers him a flip phone instead.

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A video showing a Russian army drill sergeant leading his troops in a rousing chant of the 1990s pop hit “Barbie Girl” by Aqua is going viral. Watch it here.

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A new video released by the Islamic State is a music video rapping in German, promising suicide bomber attacks in Germany as well Times Square in New York City.

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Jamie Costa is the actor/director who is making a name for his resemblance to Robin Williams while doing impersonations. Learn more about his impressions here.

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A man playing on his child’s “Fisher Price”-esque toy telephone shows the humorous result of what happens when you “call” the police on the device.

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A man kneeling nude on the side of a street in Appleton, Wisconsin informs the cameraman that he’s “just looking for Ashley” before walking away.

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A would-be suicide bomber driving a car comb was shot hundred of feet into the air by Peshmerga forces. The jihadist detonated while airborne.

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Pope Francis was in Naples, Italy when Vincenzo Cacialli and Antonio Greco of restaurant Don Ernesto delivered a pizza to him as he drove by the crowd.

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